How to Start Creating Your Art

Art is a universal language. Everyone experiences art differently, but it still communicates. Art is therapeutic. Art therapy is successful for a variety of ailments. Art relaxes. Art evokes emotions and opens communication channels. Art is for everybody.

Yes. Art does all of that. For these reasons, it is important for anyone who wants to, to start creating their own art. Here are some tips for getting started.

Choose a Medium

How to Start Creating Your Art 1 - How to Start Creating Your Art

The first step is to decide which medium to use. There are so many options that this may take a while. Do some reading and ask around. Talk to other artists to help with understanding the different mediums. Choose from painting, drawing, singing, dancing, sculpting, photography, and so many others.

Watch Videos or Do a Course

How to Start Creating Your Art 3 - How to Start Creating Your Art

Watch some videos on YouTube or sign up for a free course. There are many online courses available that will cover the basics and set the path.

Get Some Basic Supplies

How to Start Creating Your Art 2 - How to Start Creating Your Art

Once the medium is transparent, and some background knowledge gained, some shopping is in order. Some art forms require more supplies than others. For drawing, pencil and paper is enough. Photography, on the other hand, involves a camera of some sort and possibly editing software.

Start Creating

How to Start Creating Your Art 4 - How to Start Creating Your Art

Once everything is in place, start creating. There is a good chance the first few attempts will come out horribly. This is okay. Just keep trying, practising and expressing.

Hone the Skills

If the experience is enjoyable, do some more courses. Get some training from a practising artist. Hone the skills needed to keep creating.

These steps will get anyone who wants to create art on the right path. Not everyone is equally creative or talented. However, this should not discourage a beginner artist. If the purpose is to make the art a business, some formal training may be needed. If it’s just a hobby, have a go at it and have fun.