Do Aboriginal People Gamble?

Betting on the outcome of something or playing cards have been around for a long time. Gambling has become an accepted way of relaxing, winning money, and fighting boredom. Today, people can easily access gambling platforms and games online. Bitstarz casino bonus offerings and other online casinos make gambling easy and convenient.

Gambling is common among the Aboriginal people of Australia. Families playing cards and betting circles are a common sight. Kids are exposed to gambling at an early age. They play for sweets or cigarettes. With this early exposure, it is easy to understand the high rate of gambling problems among the Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal people enjoy gambling for the same reasons as anyone else. However, they tend to have lower incomes and high unemployment rates. This means that developing gambling problems are easier in some ways. Escaping social and economic issues is one big reason for gambling. Boredom and feelings of loneliness also contribute.

Community leaders and the government are aware of these issues. The government have put in place Aboriginal gambling counsellors. Unfortunately, people refuse to talk about these types of problems. They also tend not to ask for help. It is something that needs a lot of work. People need to feel safe and not judged when seeking help.

Gambling is a fun way to escape problems and just relax for a bit. The problem comes in when people don’t know when to stop. If someone is exhibiting signs of a gambling problem, reach out and try to help them. Some places want to help. Contact the Aboriginal Safe Gambling Program for more information or assistance.

Playing casino games or cards can be great fun. Online casinos have made gambling more fun and accessible, which is not in itself a bad thing. However, play responsibly and stay safe.

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