The Importance of Safekeeping Tradition and Culture

Every being has a history. Everyone has an identity. Social groups have specific traditions and customs that they follow. It doesn’t matter the person or the tribe that person belongs to. There is history, practice, and culture. Tradition and culture play critical roles in the world. Here are three reasons why people fight to keep their tradition and culture alive.

Tradition and culture hands down history and important facts.

Today, there are history books and online resources. Most people can find some of their history in these. However, not all things are captured in such publications or resources. Much of history is passed down through generations by storytelling and artefacts. There is richness and sacredness to this process.

With the Aboriginal people in Australia, stories and drawings were their way of recording history. This is true for many other cultures and tribes. Archaeologists are still finding remnants of old civilisations. They are finding drawings, artefacts, and bones that tell the story of these people’s histories.

Tradition and culture teach lessons to new generations.

Following traditions and cultural norms teach younger members of the group. This is true for both modern and ancient civilisations and people. Children are told stories and taught certain customs to keep tradition and culture alive. Once this stops, entire societies and groups become extinct and forgotten.

Tradition and culture shape people’s identities.

Because most people grow up with certain traditions and stories, it shapes their identity. There are, of course, other aspects that also shape identity. However, tradition, how children are raised, and specific cultural customs shape who they become. Tradition and culture form an important part of every person’s life and journey.

In the last century, the world has changed drastically. Tremendous technological advances made things possible that were never imagined. The world became more significant and smaller at the same time. People waged war over territories. This and so many other things changed a lot about the world and how people lived.

With all of these changes, many older traditions may have fallen away. However, every culture and group tend to keep some of the sacred things. Tradition, culture, and history are essential parts of all people’s lives. Some may deny it, but everyone is impacted by what they learn and see from those who came before them.